Christmas Carol Poster English        

The following is written by Drew Donovan - Director

Our production is based on the classic tale Dickens wrote over 170 years ago, and although then it could be seen as a commentary for the class differences in Great Britain during the Victorian age, it’s message still resounds as current as today’s newspaper headlines: the plight of the poor, out of control capitalism, the ever widening gap between the wealthy, and those without the means to make ends meet - even debates over healthcare.

Hope; The power of forgiveness; Reconciliation…. these are the themes that Scrooge confronts within himself - that he is forced to change - causing him to become a better person. Those very same attributes and possibilities of introspection are things of which we are all capable - and more than any other - have changed the course of humankind and in turn have changed the world. The foundations of these ideas are possible and are within us all to obtain should we choose, not simply during the holiday season, but everyday for us to aspire to.

May this production touch you the way it did me many years ago, keep it in your heart, let it inspire you always - these are the things that matter most in life.

"The present is fast fading. Seize it. Love it. Care for your fellows…for it is fading now and soon… gone…"

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